Using fear, you can pretty much get anybody to do anything… even against their better judgement.

When the covid period began for me in March of 2020, instead of going right to fear, I did something very different. Something that most don’t do.

I stopped, and dug in and did my due diligence. What I found was that there was no reason at all to feel fearful about anything that was happening around us.

So instead of being wrapped in fear, I was instead encouraged, motivated, and able to stay in confidence. That led to a lot of people coming to me to find out what I knew and why I wasn’t in fear when so many others were.

When they can raise the fear levels high enough, they can get you to do almost anything. And you’ll do just about anything to get out of fear and they know that!

There is a better way…

Fear motivates. There is nothing to fear.


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