Coaches, Authors, Consultants, Digital Marketers:
If You Want New Subscribers to Your e-Mail List, This is for You!


A Complete Done-For-Your List-Building Campaign!

A Note From Robert Imbriale

If you're a coach, consultant, authorspeaker, information marketer, business owner or entrepreneur looking to build a targeted list of people who looking for ways to use better themselves or their businesses, you're going to love what I've got to share with you today!

If you have been struggling to get people to your web site where you have a great landing page, I can help!

It's not uncommon to get everything all set up but then hit a wall when it comes to getting traffic to your landing page. I know the struggle and have worked over the years to find ways to get good, quality traffic to my web sites and landing pages and I want to do that for you too!

Would You Like to See More Traffic to Your Web Site?

My next campaign is about to get started and I'd like to invite you to be part of it!

This is a campaign where there will be just 21 participants, who will each be offering a free gift (e-book, special report, PowerPoint presentation, audio, or even video).

My team will build a special web page where ALL of the gifts will be presented along with links back to YOUR WEB SITE where they can sign up for your e-mail list and get the gift you are offering. Think of this as offering a GIANT GIFT BAG to all who want it!

These promotions have proven to be VERY EFFECTIVE in generating large numbers of subscribers for everybody who participates.

Each participant will put in a very small investment to be part of this campaign. From those dollars we will create a fund and use that fund to buy ads to promote this campaign. This will get the traffic started, but then we're really going to amp things up with an incentivised viral campaign!

We're going to invite every new lead we collect to be part of a contest where the winner will snag a brand new iPad. All they have to do to win the iPad is promote our giant gift bag offering to their friends and followers!

They will earn points for every person that signs up and the one who sends us the most new subscribers will get the iPad!

This is an incentivised viral campaign that will bring us many, many more subscribers than our advertising alone.

It goes without saying that in this joint-campaign, your offer will be seen by many, many more people than if you were to promote your offer on your own. And since my team and I will be doing all of the technical stuff, creating and managing the ads, and building and managing the viral campaign contest too... there's very little for you to do!

(Yes, if you want to be part of the contest to win the iPad... you can be!)

What You Should Know

I have been running joint-campaigns on all the major social media sites for years now and I've learned a lot about getting qualified leads (lessons that were often learned the hard way at first).

I know what it takes to get traffic and I want to do that for YOU!

If you want to add more fresh subscribers to your list, this is the campaign for you!

To be part of this campaign, you’ll simply send me a link to the landing page on your web site where you want people to subscribe to your list. 

From there, my team and I will do the rest.

How You Can Be Part of This List-Building Campaign

If you would like to grow your list effortlessly, there are 2 ways you can participate.

You can be a “Featured Contributor” and be positioned at the very top of the main landing page we'll be using for this campaign. There are just 4 of these positions available and they are usually the first to be claimed!

If you can swing it, being a Featured Contributor is your best choice.

You can be a “Standard Contributor” and be positioned in the core of the our main landing page. There are just 16 of these spots available.

Your promo on the main landing page will include an image, a description, and a link for people to click through to sign up for your mailing list on your web site.

Once they do, they are YOURS to do with as you choose!

Your Really Small Investment

To join this joint campaign, you'll simply decide whether you want to be a "Featured Contributor" or a "Standard Contributor."

Then, you'll use the link below to join in this campaign. Once you're signed up, just send us a link to your landing page where you typically direct people to sign up for your mailing list.

We'll take it from there and get everything set up for you.

There is not all that much for you to do to be part of this campaign, and that is the beauty of it. My team will build it, launch it, and promote it all.

Choose One Option:

Featured Contributor: $500 (Only 4 spots available)

Contributor: $250 (Only 16 spots available)

Our estimated ad budget will be a minimum of $2,500 to as much as $4,500 for this joint campaign. Your investment is just a fraction of that amount. Another way to look at this is that you'll benefit from a $2,500 ad spend for just a $250 investment. That's why I love joint campaigns!

If you want to join us, I would encourage you to do so now as there are limited spaces available! And it will fill on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can use this link to join: Click Here

Questions?  E-mail

Prefer a Phone Call? 1-760-689-2877

Like Facebook Messenger?

You can also text your questions: 1-760-689-2877

After you join us, I will send you the information I will need from you and other details of how this campaign will be built and launched. Right now, our launch date is planned for the entire month of August, 2018. This campaign will run for at least 30 days.

I am looking forward to launching this campaign and to having you along for the ride!

Be Outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
Your Campaign Manager

Note: As with any and all advertising, results are not guaranteed. My team and I will always do our very best to execute this campaign flawlessly.