Welcome to the Marketing Thunder List-Building Campaign!

Follow the steps below so we can get you set up!

Step 1

We will need the link to your "Landing Page." This is the page where we will send people who wish to request your lead magnet (free gift).

A good landing page is often short, has an image of the gift you're offering and should always have a dollar value associated with the item you are offering.

The best landing pages are focused on the giveaway and rarely have other offers or information not directly related to your free gift.

If you don't already have a good landing page, you need one! Always. Talk to us if you need help with this, we can hook you up!

Step 2

In most cases, we'll be able to simply look at your landing page and get everything we need including:

  • Description of your gift
  • Value of your gift
  • Your Bio (short version)
  • Image of your gift
  • Your headshot
  • Link to claim your gift

But if for any reason any of these items are NOT on your landing page, please forward them to us ASAP!

Step 3

Send everything to: robert@ultimatewealth.com

It's fine to send the largest photos you have, any format will work as we can work with almost anything.

We will CONFIRM that we have received your information so that you won't be left wondering whether or not your e-mail was delivered. If you do NOT hear back, it can only mean your e-mail got sucked up into the vacuum of the web. Please try again.